The aim of the STBA is to deliver a sustainable traditional built environment in the UK. 

There are three key strands to our work:

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To achieve our underlying aim we have a number of specific objectives:

  • Understanding and quantifying the actual, as opposed to theoretical or modelled, performance of traditional buildings regarding energy and carbon use, resource efficiency and health effects.

  • Understanding and quantifying the benefits of well-informed maintenance and repair as a means of contributing to optimum building performance and sustainability

  • Measuring the relative risks and benefits of small and large-scale retrofit activities, including the potential unintended consequences.

  • Considering broader options for improving the sustainability of traditional buildings including appropriate use, changes in human behaviour and energy supply options, and quantifying the benefits and risks of these in comparison with fabric focused solutions.

  • Increasing understanding in all parts of the construction industry, general public and in government regarding the optimal approaches to traditional buildings.

  • Integrating this knowledge into skills and training programmes for built environment professionals and craft operatives alike.