Some of the documents discussed at the STBA-SPAB conference can be downloaded here:

- EPCs and the Whole House Approach - a scoping study by the STBA May 2018

- Better Building Partnership guidance to MEES and Heritage Buildings

- Kate de Selincourt's article in Passive House Plus Magazine on Disastrous Preston Retrofit Scheme 

- The SPAB Building Performance Survey interim report (published in December 2017) 

- BS EN 16883:2017 (Conservation of cultural heritage. Guidelines for improving the energy performance of historic buildings) is available to purchase via the BSI website.

- Leeds Beckett research, mentioned by Dr David Glew, is a paper produced from the more comprehensive government report

- The Future of the Past by Neil May formed the basis for our Heritage and Sustainability discussions. You can download the summary here and the full paper here.


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a Conference Review by STBA Associate Technical Director, Nick Heath, can be downloaded here.


Peter Rickaby – Rickaby Thompson Associates and “Each Home Counts” Implementation Board - not yet available

Sadhbh Ní Hógáin, Housing Retrofit Project Manager: London Borough of Haringey

Peter Draper – STBA 

Douglas Kent – SPAB - not yet available

Jo Lugg – National Trust - not yet available

John Preston – The Institute of Historic Building Conservation & STBA Heritage Chair

John Edwards – Chartered Institute of Building

Ian Mawditt – Fourwalls

Simon Corbey – Alliance for Sustainable Building Products

Stephen Hodgson – Property Care Association

Dr Sofie Pelsmakers – Sheffield University - Sofie's presentation is not available but click here for a link to the research paper

Natasha Ginks – De Montfort University- not yet available

Natasha's paper, "Exploring guidance and attitudes of conservation professionals to slim double glazing", 

is available to download for a limited time.

Dr Caroline Rye – Archimetrics, SPAB


Neil May gives impromptu talk at CoRE's Retrofit Live Conference

June 2015

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to download

2015-06 Neil Mayat CoRE Retrofit Live.pdf
Impromptu talk transcript

STBA Responsible Retrofit Conference with the National Trust's Fit for the Future Network 

3rd June 2015


Session 2 - 


Key Challenges for Responsible Retrofit

Responsible Retrofit Conference, June 2015 Bristol
Responsible Retrofit Conference, June 2015 Bristol
Responsible Retrofit Conference, June 2015 Bristol

Session 3 -

Successfully Understanding and Managing Risks

Responsible Retrofit Conference, June 2015 Bristol
Responsible Retrofit Conference, June 2015 Bristol
Responsible Retrofit Conference, June 2015 Bristol


Session 4 -




Responsible Retrofit Conference, June 2015 Bristol
Responsible Retrofit Conference, June 2015 Bristol
Responsible Retrofit Conference, June 2015 Bristol
Responsible Retrofit Conference, June 2015 Bristol

STBA & SPAB Technical Panel - Energy Efficiency Research Update Conference - 17th June 2014

Notes on the day's proceedings with thanks to Cathie Clarke of Heritage Skills Hub

The Transcript for Neil May's talk

"Heritage and the Philosophy
of Sustainability

The talk can be
downloaded here.


Building Products Magazine, Sept 2014  

An article focusing on external wall insulation retrofit by Neil May 

"There is increasing evidence that much of the external wall insulation of traditional solid wall buildings which has been undertaken in the past few years is failing or is likely to fail in the near future . . . . "

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Click here to see this article