Responsible Retrofit Guidance

Planning Responsible Retrofit 

This guide sets out some basic definitions and then explains the main types of risk arising from retrofit.  The guide then analyses the main causes of these risks and provides a robust process to manage them and links to information on best practice, technical guidance and training.

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STBA's Guidance Tool

The Guidance Wheel is an interactive tool that

can be accessed via the STBA Responsible Retrofit website, along with the STBA Knowledge Centre

What is Whole House Retrofit


This short paper sets out the background to the development of the whole house approach, then examines the various levels of retrofit which are often described as whole house but in reality most fall far short. 


The STBA’s optimal approach (Responsible Retrofit) is explained, together with a final section which looks forward to a vision of transformative retrofit and the role that it could play in delivering a truly sustainable society for the 21st century. 

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STBA’s Responsible Retrofit of 

Traditional Buildings Report


STBA’s Gap Analysis into the

Energy Performance of Existing Buildings

STBA’s Conventions and Standards for the

Refurbishment of Traditional Buildings


Moisture in Buildings: an integrated approach to risk assessment and guidance


This white paper is in response to a growing relaisation that traditional moisture risk approaches are inadequate. 


The guidance:

  • Describes why the approach to moisture in buildings needs to change
  • Explains the limitations of current moisture risk assessment standards and regulations
  • Proposes a way forward, using a new whole building approach
  • Sets out the principles of the whole building approach
  • Outlines how we should tackle moisture risk assessment and design in future

The content has been endorsed by academic experts and mainstream practitioners and is backed up by a considerable amount of research done in the UK and other parts of Europe. 



Responsible Retrofit Toolkit 

developed for Bristol City Council

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  • illustrated written guidance 

  • online survey-based tool 

  • video 

  • (training also available)

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Bristolian Guide to Solid Wall Insulation

online survey-based tool - click here

video - click here

STBA Conventions Experts Group – IWI limits – Discussion paper January 2013

Valentina Marincioni (UCL&NBT),  Chris Sanders (GCU), with support from Neil May (STBA&UCL), Chris Fehr & Umendra Singh (NBT)
2013 STBA Conventions Experts Group – IWI limits – Discussion paper January 2013