Policy Mapping 

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The STBA has prepared a map of national and international conservation and sustainability policy. This includes commitments, legislation, regulations, standards and incentives, all of which have had a bearing on how we approach the sustainability of traditional buildings. On a continuing basis, we welcome contributions from our members to improve the completeness, depth and accuracy of the document, which is periodically updated.  To keep our members informed of recent changes, we issue a Policy Update three times a year.


Sustainability policy is examined from the broad definition of the Brundtland report through the narrowing of policy at European level to focus on carbon emissions, and finally to the UK’s own commitments, including a substantial amount of devolved policy.


Conservation policy is tracked from global heritage policy, beginning with the Venice Charter, through to the raft of UK policy on this topic, including the various planning frameworks and standards and the key organisations which support or enforce them.


There is no effective policy at any level which combines these two concerns together, but this is where the STBA’s expertise can be used most effectively. The paper reveals the policies and standards which are helpful, and those which may need change to deliver truly sustainable traditional buildings.




STBA Policy Bulletins

Regular Policy Bulletins are sent out to STBA members.

A copy of our previous bulletin - April 2018 - can be seen here.