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STBA / SPAB Annual Conference Day 1 – Embodied Carbon

Day 1. Embodied Carbon is an important consideration in the traditional built environment on a number of fronts:
1. The actual amount of carbon that is already tied up within the existing structure and how this relates to any potential for carbon savings associated with energy improvements to the structure. There is a balance to be struck between how much ‘embodied carbon’ we need to expend in order to reduce ‘running costs / carbon’. The balance is affected by the materials chosen (low embodied carbon options), transportation, ‘efficiencies’ of the different options as well as options for changing / removing the existing structure. The equation is also affected by the carbon intensity of the fuel for the building. Peter Cox from Carrig will present on research for HE that addresses the balance of these different factors and some basic guidelines that have flowed from this work

2.Tom Woolley is a well known author and architect who is passionate about natural materials and their use in creating healthier internal environments within buildings. He will be presenting on the role of low embodied / natural materials in the retrofit of traditional buildings and how they need to be encouraged against the use of ‘higher’ performing conventional materials. Metrics and performance of materials will be questioned and viable alternatives explored.

3. Making the issue of embodied carbon understandable or at least measurable in practice is difficult to say the least, however new tools are emerging. Brian Murphy from Green Building Encyclopaedia has developed new excel based tools to help with new builds, however retrofit versions of the spreadsheets may be along soon.

4. Sophia Haywood (Bio LPG) to present on bioLPG vision of decarbonising the off grid gas supply side.

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Oct 06 2020


10:00 am - 12:30 pm


£40 non-members, £25 for members
Online Conference


Online Conference

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