STBA Staff Team

Director: Michael Netter

Michael Netter is the Director at the Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance (STBA), the Professional Services Officer at the Institute of Historic Building Conservation (IHBC), and Hon Secretary and Trustee at the Council on Training in Architectural Conservation (COTAC). Michael holds an MSc in Historic Building Conservation from Kingston University and a BSc in Construction Engineering and Management from Purdue University.

He has also worked on several home retrofit/renovation projects, takes part in the Climate Heritage Network (CHN), and has produced a podcast for the IHBC that raises awareness and understanding of how conservation philosophy and practice contributes towards meeting the challenge of climate change.

To contact Michael, please email

Associate Technical Director: Nicholas Heath

Nicholas Heath is Founding Director of NDM Heath Ltd, an independent sustainable energy consultancy specialising in traditional building retrofit. Formerly Senior Consultant with Changeworks (where he remains an Associate Consultant).

He is the author of numerous traditional building retrofit guides, technical papers, planning guidance and research reports, and has developed and delivered technical training for many years both nationally and internationally. 

Nicholas is an IHBC Associate, part-time lecturer at the University of York, and a licenced SAP and BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment Assessor.

Project Associate: Peter Draper

Peter is a Building Surveyor, Retrofit Co-ordinator and Domestic Energy Assessor who runs Rounded Developments Enterprises in Wales. He was the co-author of the original Level 3 Specialist Upskilling Programme for CITB that has since been adapted into the “Energy Efficiency & Retrofit of Pre-1919 Traditional Buildings” course. He has served as the STBA’s Sustainability co-Chair and Director.

He is currently running the BEIS funded Thermal Efficiency Innovation Fund project with Melin Homes and Rhondda Housing Association for the STBA. This four year project has been assessing the real world application of the Whole House Approach within a Housing Association setting.

Communications & Events Co-ordinator: Cypren Edmunds

Cypren is STBA’s Communications and Events Co-ordinator. He is President of European Strawbuilding Association and Chair of Strawbale Building UK.

Cypren can be contacted by email at