STBA Staff Team

Director: Nigel Griffiths

Nigel has over 25 years’ experience in the building industry as a practitioner, author and consultant and has a strong practical background in the repair and refurbishment of traditional buildings. While a Principal Consultant in Sustainable Buildings at Ricardo, he worked closely with UK government, overseas governments and other agencies to develop and evaluate policy on energy efficiency and renewable energy. He has provided sustainable refurbishment advice to some of the most notable listed buildings in the UK and is also the author of the Eco House Manual (Haynes, paperback edition 2016). He lectures widely on traditional buildings, is the resident sustainability expert at “Build-it”, and member of the Steering Group for PAS2035

To contact Nigel, please email

Co-Director: Peter Draper

Peter was the STBA’s Chair for Sustainability for three years and has recently been appointed co-Director with Nigel to help with Marketing and Events with the STBA. Peter has been heavily involved in two of the STBA’s projects with Passive Systems and Melin Homes.

With the Welsh Government being proactively involved in the Whole House Approach it is useful to have a direct link from the STBA in Wales’ capital.

Peter is the founding member of Rounded Developments Enterprises, which is an independent social enterprise based in Cardiff. This work has always focused on community based enterprises and Peter’s over 25 years of experience in the voluntary sector in SE Wales has proved to be a real success in helping groups find holistic solutions to their construction needs. Peter was also a co-author in the team with CITB to develop SUP training in pre 1919 construction which morphed into the Level 3 qualification on Energy Efficiency Measures for Older and Traditional Buildings.

Peter can be contacted by email at

Communications & Events Coordinator: Cypren Edmunds

Cypren is the STBA Communications Officer. As a quaulified carpenter he has a keen interest in sustainable building and is a founding member and Director of Strawbale Building UK. As Chairperson for the High Path Community Association he is a strong advocate of social housing.

Cypren has an excellent understanding of buildings and sustainability issues in both the commercial and public sector and provides communication support across all platforms for the community led housing group, RUSS Lewisham (Rural Urban Synthesis Society).

Cypren can be contacted by email at

Associate Technical Director: Nicholas Heath

Nicholas Heath is Founding Director of NDM Heath Ltd, an independent sustainable energy consultancy specialising in traditional building retrofit. Formerly Senior Consultant with Changeworks (where he remains an Associate Consultant).

He is the author of numerous traditional building retrofit guides, technical papers, planning guidance and research reports, and has developed and delivered technical training for many years both nationally and internationally. 

Nicholas is an IHBC Associate, part-time lecturer at the University of York, and a licenced SAP and BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment Assessor.