Conference Videos 2020

STBA SPAB Annual Conference 2020

Day 1 – Embodied Carbon

The core of Government policy and indeed the concern of the public is to radically reduce our world’s dependency of carbon and to reduce our emissions to a level that is sustainable for the planet. This is an absolute key goal that is fully supported by both the STBA and SPAB.

Day 1 – Embodied Carbon Q&A session

Day 2 – Skills

Knowledge and skills go hand and hand. It is imperative therefore that we ensure that we have a workforce that is capable and competent to undertake the changes that the built environment needs to shoulder. In this section of the conference we aim to share the context of an emerging new skills requirement, explore background training data, view one working solution and facilitate a constructive debate.

Day 2 – Skills Q&A session

Day 3 – Research

Underpinning all of the above is Research. It is therefore imperative that we are all up to speed with what’s going on from some of our top researchers in the field. These can be both academically funded or undertaken from the keenest of practitioners.

DAY 3 – Research Q&A session