Affiliates Research Papers

Affiliates and associates of the STBA are publishing papers on a regular basis. Many of these find their way onto the Guidance Wheel and Knowledge Centre, but these tend to be reviewed periodicially.

Within this section you will find links to some really cutting edge documents that progress the field of knowledge within the traditional building stock.

Heritage Counts Case study in Low Carbon retrofit

STBA technical expert Harry Paticas was commissioned to design a whole house retrofit using the STBA approach, for a house in Bournville in Birmingham. The brief included not retaining and adding to the house’s character, which is of course important in this model village built by Cadburys around the turn of the last century.

2019 Final Report for SPAB Building Performance Survey

2012 Report on SPAB Building Performance Survey

CETE de l’Est (Centre d’Études Techniques de l’Équipement) – Hygrothermal impact assessment of the insulation of traditional exterior walls

Ricardo Energy and Environment report for Welsh Government on Arbed scheme. This was authored by Kathryn Warren and Nigel Griffiths. It is an indepth look at a large scale retrofit programme in Wales.