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Patrons of the STBA are those organisations who contribute annually towards maintaining the vision of the STBA. 

The role of Patron is one that assists the STBA to act as a collective voice for traditional buildings across the UK. Funding from Patrons is used primarily to allow the STBA to react to policy, consultations and guidance. This ability to assist policy makers in their knowledge, awareness and understanding of traditional buildings has been invaluable to the nations’ housing stock.

With around 25% of all UK housing defined as ‘traditionally built’ it is essential that experts in the field can act as a sounding board and point of knowledge so that policy is not solely guided by a ‘conservative’ lobby groups entrenched industry based status quo.

Our traditional buildings need to evolve and play their part in an ever changing world, but this must be done in a sustainable manner, not one informed by poor metrics and blinkered silo bureaucracy. The Whole House Approach must be followed to ensure that we use our carbon balance effectively, our financial and time resources efficiently and seek to share benefits amongst those communities most in need.

Patronage from key partners facilitates this vision without compromise. It must be stated that the STBA is not a ‘Heritage’ body in the pay of others committed to a conservation approach. Our co-Chair structure means that Heritage sits equally alongside Industry and Sustainability. 

The partnership approach has been so successful that the STBA Whole House Approach now features heavily in policies and guidance from Welsh Government, Historic England, British Standards and the STBA resources are referred to as industry best practice.

More Patrons are always welcome, so please contact us if you feel that your organisation could benefit from being close to the heart of the STBA and the future of traditional buildings in the UK.