Tips to share

Tips to share

STBA and Aereco have been working together on a Whole House Retrofit project in S Wales. Key tip about location of the trickle vents is:

Only install trickle vents in ‘wet rooms’ – kitchen, bathroom, utility, toilet. 

Otherwise this creates a short circuit for air being drawn in from outside just to be immediately drawn out again by the extractor. 

So specific trickle vents for ‘occupied rooms’ and also think about whether they need to be humidity controlled and / or noise reductions options.

STBA / Aereco

STBA and Passive Systems have been working together on a monitoring project in Cardiff. Key tips about location of the monitors include:

  • Siting and installation of a logger needs to be an open collaborative process.
  • Potential locations for loggers will be very limited in number and installers must be sympathetic to occupiers needs / wants.
  • One logger in a central ground floor location provides an overview of the properties’ performance.
  • Daily averaged data gives a good overall impression of the IAQ and comfort in a property.