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We are the home of Responsible Retrofit and are one of the founders of the Whole House Approach in the UK.
The Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance
An alliance of the UK's leading organisations associated with the conservation and improvement of traditional buildings

The aim of the STBA is to deliver a sustainable traditional built environment in the UK.

The balance between a building’s Context (its history, setting and future), its potential for Change (in a dynamic world), and its demands for Continuity (ongoing maintenance), is challenging. The unique structure of the STBA with its three co-Chairs representing Industry, Heritage and Sustainability enables us to deliver a truly Whole Building Approach to the future of traditional buildings in the UK.


An aerial view of flooding around Muchelney, Somerset. © Historic England, Damian Grady

Historic England’s Position on Climate Change and Sustainability has been published and it provides great reassurance that heritage bodies like HE, who are members of the Climate Heritage Network and co-signatories of the Joint Heritage Sector Statement on Climate Change, are onboard and active in the drive for zero carbon.

Some of the main messages being promoted are:

  • Understanding sustainability over the long term
  • Sympathetic, informed maintenance, upgrade and reuse of existing buildings and historic places is a sustainable approach
  • Taking a ‘whole building approach’ leads to sustainable decision-making
  • Considering the whole-life carbon of materials leads to more sustainable decisions

Historic England


STBA and Aereco have been working together on a Whole House Retrofit project in S Wales. Key tip about location of the trickle vents is:

Only install trickle vents in ‘wet rooms’ – kitchen, bathroom, utility, toilet. 

Otherwise this creates a short circuit for air being drawn in from outside just to be immediately drawn out again by the extractor. 

So specific trickle vents for ‘occupied rooms’ and also think about whether they need to be humidity controlled and / or noise reductions options.



@STBA_UK @SPAB1877 Annual Conference 2020

Caroline Rye

Director of ArchiMetrics Ltd & a member of SPAB’s Technical Panel

She presents

‘The SPAB Building Performance Survey: The Final Chapter’


Programme & tickets

Did you know that if you are unable to attend all 3 days of our @STBA_UK @SPAB1877 Annual Conference October 2020, there are individual days that you can book?

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#stbaspab2020 #embodiedcarbon #netzero #heritage

@STBA_UK @SPAB1877 Annual Conference 2020

Architect @PeterRickaby

He presents:

'Safe Retrofit: standards that protect our architectural heritage including an update on PAS2038'


Programme & tickets

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