The Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance
An alliance of the UK's leading organisations associated with the conservation and improvement of traditional buildings
The UK Centre of Excellence for Traditional Buildings
Knowledge and guidance from the UK's leading experts
We are the home of Responsible Retrofit and are one of the founders of the Whole House Approach in the UK.

The aim of the STBA is to deliver a sustainable traditional built environment in the UK.

The balance between a building’s Context (its history, setting and future), its potential for Change (in a dynamic world), and its demands for Continuity (ongoing maintenance), is challenging. The unique structure of the STBA with its three co-Chairs representing Industry, Heritage and Sustainability enables us to deliver a truly Whole Building Approach to the future of traditional buildings in the UK.


STBA has been working with PassivSystems since 2019 on a BEIS funded SMETER project looking at the whole house approach and how retrofit effects factors like indoor air quality. The project has been, of course, affected by Covid, but trial monitors in Cardiff has provided a test-bed for the principles.

The graphs above show the results gathered from one traditionally built home. The temperature, RH and CO2 readings have been processed within defined limits to assess how well the building is performing. The system detects and highlights any readings that might be out of recommended ranges using a traffic light methodology.

A ‘summary score’ is now being looked at to give a single snap-shot ‘health’ indicator for the building.


Windows are ideally installed in a weather tight, airtight and insulating manner – these are the RAL requirements in Europe. UK general practice is less stringent than this standard, however the products used in higher quality installs are available here from specialist suppliers.

Several manufacturers make expanding open pore tapes that boast airtight barriers on the inside edge. It is worth looking at specifying these tapes as they do provide very good airtightness and facilitate windows being installed in the wet. Note that the finish is different from the conventional silicon as it leaves a black ‘shadow’ around the frame.

Airtightness can be achieved using more standard style tapes, but whichever you choose, getting windows installed correctly is really important.


Deadline for evidence for @CommonsEAC 'Sustainability of the built environment' inquiry:
| Saturday 15th May |

@STBA_UK are submitting their evidence.

See links below to submit yours:

Have you got your copy of the Social Housing Retrofit Toolkit yet? Written by experts Dr Peter Rickaby and Sally Hancox, we’ve developed this to help organisations gain a deeper understanding of retrofit.
Take a look: #retrofit #PAS2035 #UKhousing

An exciting project that we have been working extensively on is with one of the UK’s leading software companies who specialise in energy systems, Passiv UK.

For further information see here:

#PassivUK #wholehouseapproach #dataanalytics

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