The Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance
An alliance of the UK's leading organisations associated with the conservation and improvement of traditional buildings
The UK Centre of Excellence for Traditional Buildings
Knowledge and guidance from the UK's leading experts
We are the home of Responsible Retrofit and are one of the founders of the Whole House Approach in the UK.

The aim of the STBA is to deliver a sustainable traditional built environment in the UK

The balance between a building’s Context (its history, setting and future), its potential for Change (in a dynamic world), and its demands for Continuity (ongoing maintenance), is challenging. The unique structure of the STBA with its three co-Chairs representing Industry, Heritage and Sustainability enables us to deliver a truly Whole Building Approach to the future of traditional buildings in the UK.


STBA and SPAB are proud to announce our Annual Conference: Tuesday 28th & Wednesday 29th September: 9.30am – 1pm

  • Day 1 will focus on Retrofit tools and Solutions
  • Day 2 looks at Significance regarding non-protected buildings

We have a broad range of expert speakers from across the sector presenting the latest data & trends in flood risk management, infill panels, PAS 2038 – the new UK standard for non-domestic retrofit, From Retrofit or Regeneration, From Research to Mainstream: what do we need to do next to..? and much more .

Tickets and more information is available here: #stbaspab2021


Our Responsible Retrofit page is now up and working again!


Recommended reading from @beisgovuk for any parties undertaking internal wall insulation.

Some sections have been written specifically for the retrofit assessor or surveyor, the retrofit designer or the retrofit installer.

#retrofit #IWI #insulation

It's feel-good Friday, and we are feeling good that our annual #conference is less than three weeks away!😆

This event rounds off our 'Build #NetZero NOW' campaign and kicks off with the lively 'Big Net Zero Debate' with a panel of industry experts.

🗣 Announcing:

Speakers & Programme #stbaspab2021 @SPAB1877

Two Days covering:
UK Retrofit Policy
From Retrofit to Regeneration
Salford Energy House
STBA Whole House Tool development
Pathways to Zero - Tools Development..
And Much More!

Join us:

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